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Borough of Caldwell Established 1892

Caldwell Department Directory

Adult Education
Caldwell College     Ryerson Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
  (973) 618-3000
Essex County College     West Essex Extension Center
730 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Caldwell/West Caldwell Center for Continuing Education     Harrison Building
Off Ravine Ave.
West Caldwell, NJ
Board of Education School Closing Do Not Call Police
Radio Announcements     WABC and WMTR   Comcast channel 35
Fire Whistles     Between 6:45AM and 7:45AM   Local area only
Home School Association     School closing call list   226-1663
Business Community
  P.O. Box 264
Caldwell, NJ
North Essex Chamber of Commerce
  3 Fairfield Ave.
West Caldwell, NJ
Counseling Services
Family Service League     204 Claremont Ave.
Montclair, NJ
  (973) 746-0800
Mental Health Assoc. in N.J.     33 S. Fullerton Ave.
Montclair, NJ
  (973) 509-9777
The Bridge     14 Park Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Debris and Rubbish Pick-up
    Cali Carting   (201) 991-5400
Holiday Pick-up     No pick-up on Holidays    
Mondays & Thursdays     South side of Bloomfield Ave.    
Tuesdays & Fridays     North side of Bloomfield Ave.    
Health Department
  1 Provost Sq.
Caldwell, NJ
Grover Cleveland Center for Senior Citizens
  1 Provost Sq.
Caldwell, NJ
Houses of Worship
St. Aloysius Catholic Church     219 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex     20 Academy Rd.
Caldwell, NJ
First Baptist of Caldwell     Bloomfield & Forest Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
First Presbyterian of Caldwell     Bloomfield & Roseland Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Caldwell United Methodist Church     8 Academy Rd.
Caldwell, NJ
  268 Bloomfield Av.
Caldwell, NJ
Marian Manor
(Senior Citizen Housing)     7 Ashland St.
Caldwell, NJ
  The Progress
6 Brookside Ave,
Caldwell, NJ
(classified ads) 226-4000
Post Office
  Postmaster   Anthony Giasone
      10 Park Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
  (973) 228-5875
      8:30AM - 4:30PM   Monday to Friday
      8:30AM - 12:00 Noon   Saturday
Recreation & Parks Department
  5 Fairfield Ave
West Caldwell, NJ
      Hours   9:00AM - 4:30PM
  Phone (973) 403-4635
      Aluminum, glass & plastic   Labels, caps and cap rings need not be removed
      Newspaper   Tied into bundles or placed in rigid reusable containers. Magazines, junk mail, etc. placed in rigid reusable containers.
Recycling every Thursday. Refer to Home Page calendar for details.
Public Schools
Board of Education     Harrison Building
West Caldwell, NJ
Grover Cleveland Middle School     Academy Rd.
Caldwell, NJ
James Caldwell High School     Westville Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Jefferson School     Prospect St.
West Caldwell, NJ
Lincoln School     Crane St.
Caldwell, NJ
Washington School     Central Ave.
West Caldwell, NJ
Wilson School     Orton Rd.
West Caldwell, NJ
Non-Public Schools
Mount Saint Dominic Academy     3 Ryerson Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Trinity Academy     219 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell, NJ
Senior Citizen Organizations
Caldwell/West Caldwell Senior Citizens     Harrison School
West Caldwell, NJ
      Business meetings the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays   12:45PM
      Social meetings the 1st & 3th Wednesdays   12:45PM
      Open to all Caldwell/West Caldwell residents 55 or older. Call 1 day in advance for Minibus ride   226-5108
      Information   403-4637
Grover Cleveland Center for Senior Citizens Citizens
  1 Provost Sq.
Caldwell, NJ
  • Office Hours
  •     Monday - Friday   8:30AM - 4:30PM
  • Senior Transportation
  •     226-5108   8:00AM - 4:30PM
    Tax Services and Information
    Caldwell Tax Collector     Borough Hall
    1 Provost Square
    Caldwell, NJ
    State     N.J. State
    Department of the Treasury
    Federal     U.S Internal Revenue Service   800-829-1040
    Television Service
    Comcast Cablevision     257 Prospect Avenue
    West Orange, NJ
          Business Office   736-7400
          Main Office   673-3033
          Repair   736-7410
    Telephone Service
    Verizon     Repair   555-1515
    Senior Minibus     226-5108
    All residents 60 years of age or older can avail themselves of the free local bus service.
    • An identification card is required.
    • The card can be obtained at the Senior Center.
    • The bus serves Caldwell, Roseland and West Caldwell.
    DeCamp Bus Lines     800-631-1281
    Voter Information 403-4638
    Call the Municipal Clerk for information concerning voting districts, polling locations, and school board elections.

    Eligible voters include:

    1. U.S. citizens residing at the time of application in the district in which you expect to vote.
    2. County residents for 30 days by the date of the next election.
    3. U.S. citizens 18 years old or older by the date of the election.


    You may register by mail. Obtain a registration application from your County Clerk or N.J. League of Women Voters. You may register in person at the County Commissioner of Registration office or Municipal Clerk's office at any time during office hours. You must be registered at least 29 days before a specific election to vote in that election.

    Registration is permanent, but registration is required if you:

    1. change your name
    2. change your residence (if you move to another address in the county you must notify the County Commissioner of Registration or your Municipal Clerk.) If this move within a county occurs 28 days or less before an election, you may vote in your former election district for that election only. If you move to another county you must register with that county.


    General Elections - First Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Primary Elections - First Tuesday after the first Monday in June. Absentee Ballots are available for registered voters who expect to be out of state; voters who are ill or physically disabled (inluding blindness and pregnancy); voters who are observing a religious holiday on election day; voters attending out of state schools; voters whose hours and nature of employment prohibits them from voting in person.

    For absentee ballots apply in person or by mail no later than seven days before an election to the County Clerk for Primary Elections; to the Municipal Clerk for Municipal Elections; to the local School Board for School Board Elections.

           New Jersey Election Enforcement Commission        28 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08605 - 609-292-8700        Voter Registration information-Newark - 621-5061

    Water Department 226-6348
    Caldwell is fortunate to have an excellent supply of drinking water from Artesian Wells in Essex Fells; residential accounts are billed quarterly.
    Any questions related to your bills should be directed to the Water Department number, 226-6348, between 9:00AM and 4:30PM.
    Welfare Department 403-4623
    General Assistance is a program under which financial and medical aid is provided by the municipal department of welfare to persons currently ineligible for participation in any other assistance program in New Jersey.
    For further information or inquires phone 403-4623.