Emergency Management Department

The Borough of Caldwell Office of Emergency Management coordinates the plans and operations of the various components of the emergency management system - police and fire, emergency medical service, public works, volunteers and other groups contributing to the management of emergencies.

The Emergency Management Coordinators are the point people responsible for implementing the Emergency Management Plan and directing the emergency response.

The Borough of Caldwell has a state approved Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

Where appropriate, the OEM has authority to recommend that a state of emergency be declared. This enables the Borough to obtain county, state, and/or federal resources to aid the people of Caldwell, in the event of a disaster.

A list of special needs residents, i.e. wheelchair bound, oxygen use, is on file at the police communications desk. To register a special needs resident please call 973-226-2600.

The following is information concerning emergencies and family preparedness as provided by the N.J. State Office of Emergency Management.

  • Plan and Prepare / Your Kit Your Plan
  • Federal Government "Get Ready" Brochure