Environmental Committee Pollinator Garden

Environmental Commission


 The Environmental Commission is made up of your neighbors – volunteers who share a passion for protecting the environment and conserving natural resources for a more sustainable community.

The Environmental Commission’s members are appointed by the mayor to serve as an advisory body to the town council.  We meet once a month to: inventory and monitor environmental resources; advocate for planned open space preservation; help explain and interpret county, regional, and state environmental programs and regulations; research and propose ordinances to protect the environment; review site plans and advise land use boards on the environmental impact of proposed developments; issue press releases, develop information, and plan events to inform the public about conservation issues; and work with town officials to convey local concerns to the state government.

The Commission promotes a more sustainable future by:

  • Educating and informing residents about ways to protect their local environment and shrink their carbon footprint.
  • Improving local decision-making by integrating sustainable policies into local plans and projects.
  • Helping local boards to understand the environmental consequences of land-use decisions.
  • Investigating environmental problems and offering solutions.
  • Reviewing site plans for potential environmental risks.
  • Saving tax dollars by serving as unpaid environmental consultants.

We want to help you learn how to live greener and more sustainable for the future!  Help protect Caldwell and the planet by taking simple steps to live in harmony with the earth. 


2024 Board Members:

  • Ann Marchioni (Co-Chairwomen)
  • Gavin McCabe (Member)
  •  Christine Schmidt (Member)
  • Jennifer Aley (Member)
  • Brian Bambrick (Planning Board Member)

  • Paula Sules (Zoning Board Member)
  • Steve Flack (Member)
  • Jeff Nicholas  (Member)
  • Councilman Brown (Council Liaison)
  •  (alternate)
  • Sister Jeanne Goyette, OP (alternate)

Commission Projects:

The Caldwell Pollinator Garden

Caldwell Pollinator Garden Information

Solar Power Project

Solar Power Project Information