Councilwoman Buechner

Barbara Buechner

Liaison - Board of Health, Rent Review Board, Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association, Mayor's Senior Advisory Board
Chair - Personnel
Member - Communications

Barbara has lived in Caldwell for over 40 years.  Barbara holds a B.A. from Caldwell College (Caldwell University) and an MsIS from Stevens Technical Institute. She is a member of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church, Caldwell college Veritas committee, and the Caldwell Women's Club. Barbara previously served on the Zoning Board.


Now retired, Barbara was an Information Security Manager for Verizon Wireless, Medco, and ADP and an information security consultant for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Living in Caldwell for over 40 years show I am vested in Caldwell and the future of Caldwell.  I want to pursue goals that maintain our character as well as provided for improvements where needed.  I want to be the eyes, ears, and voice for all residents.