Sewer Utility

The Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant, located off of Passaic Avenue in West Caldwell, New Jersey, and the sewerage system constructed by and owned by the Borough of Caldwell located in Caldwell and West Caldwell, New Jersey, and the services rendered through the employment of said property shall hereafter be known and designated as the "Caldwell Sewerage Utility." The Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant services the municipalities of Caldwell, West Caldwell, North Caldwell, Essex Fells, Roseland, and a portion of Fairfield.

Effective January 1, 1975, the Caldwell Sewerage Utility is operated as a municipal public utility in accordance with the Local Bond Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:2-1 et seq. and the Local Budget Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:4-1 et seq.

The Caldwell Sewerage Utility shall be managed and administered by the Borough of Caldwell through persons designated by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Borough Council, and a reasonable administration charge (to be annually fixed by the Borough Council) shall be paid by the Caldwell Sewerage Utility to the Borough of Caldwell for said service.

Fees & Documents: